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Rebranding to Trace


In 2014 we built a service for genealogists called AncestorCloud. This service has since undergone an incredible evolution which has brought us to where we stand today. We’re excited to announce we’ve rebranded to Trace and are confident about the future of our company and what we are offering.

AncestorCloud was originally a service for genealogists to preserve their documents, photos, and records in a safe place online. A year later it was used by genealogists to connect with other genealogists to further their family research. This is what AncestorCloud became most well-known for, a platform to post a project and allow fellow researchers to bid on projects and research their family work for them.

In April we acquired the company to grow our network of Genealogists and as we are in the process of undergoing much change we decided to let go of our old brand and exclusively go by Trace. Trace signifies what we represent which is aiding the genealogist and non-genealogist to trace their ancestry. Our mission is to make family discovery accessible for everyone and we now have the largest network of professional genealogists in the world to do that. We desire that as we rebrand we will have a greater presence in the genealogy space and we plan to continue pioneering the technological advancements and innovations made in our industry.


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