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Less Than 24 Hours

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Written by Juliette Eames

Nancy was determined to find her grandmother’s death certificate but was very unsure of the information she had. She doubted she had the correct last name and didn’t know where to start looking. She says,

I took a chance and put in an offer. I never expected to have my answer in such a short period of time. Kelley e-mailed me the copy in less than 24 hours.

Not only was Nancy able to learn the exact date and cause of death she learned she had been widowed and what address she lived at. As most research goes – when one question is answered it opens the door to a new series of questions / curiosities. Nancy still wants to know more of the Westerfield. She needs to know the connection between Yonkers, NY and the ties the family had to the state of New Jersey. She says if she needs future help she would seek help from Kelley again.

Kelley (the researcher behind this project) provided information that was not publicly available which is a major reason why she decided to take on this request. Kelley was eager to accept the proposal because Nancy had a lot of detailed information and she said

Despite having lots of details, there wasn’t much she could do on her own – New Jersey records aren’t available online yet. I really wanted to help her with this mystery!

Kelley was able to locate the document she wanted and then went even further as she contacted the cemetery office, on Nancy’s behalf to determine where exactly her grandmother was buried, to see if she could get a picture of the headstone for her. Unfortunately, the grave wasn’t marked. Kelley found great satisfaction in helping someone else and felt deeply appreciated.

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