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Exciting New AncestorCloud Features


We’re excited to announce several new features on our site! Thanks to your feedback and eagerness to see much improvement, we are ready to release these features. As always we’d love to hear what you think.

Status of Each Request

With each request, you will see something similar to the following – “Posted, This request is live and accepting proposals,” or “In Progress, This proposal is being worked on by another helper.” We hope these explanations will help you understand exactly what is the status of each request on the site.

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When a helper submits a proposal, he or she may propose an hourly fee and number of hours instead of a fixed amount of money. In addition to allowing helpers another option for their proposals, this will also increase clarity for the seekers, so that they know what to expect.
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Progress Updates

Once a seeker has accepted a helper’s proposal, there is a special “Progress” tab for the request. The “Progress” section allows the seeker and helper to communicate directly with each other. We hope this helps the seeker and helper have clearer communication during the course of the research.

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File Uploads

This has been one of our most requested updates. Previously, helpers were unable to upload files directly to AncestorCloud for seekers to see. Now, helpers can upload files as part of their progress updates and in the final submission of their research. Helpers, now you can easily upload files as you go and at the end of your research. For the seekers, it is now easier to quickly see the progress and findings of your helper.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 4.46.16 PM

Submitting Work

Helpers can submit their final product directly to AncestorCloud. This takes out a few extra steps, and makes the process happen more quickly.
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Result Acceptance and Reviews

Seekers can accept results and review the helper’s work directly on AncestorCloud. As part of the process of accepting a helper’s results, a Seeker will fill out a review of the experience working with that helper.

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We’ve also made payment more convenient. Seekers no longer need to wait for us to send a PayPal invoice, or even have a PayPal account. Using our secure system, seekers can pay and helpers can receive money using a credit or debit card.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 4.36.31 PM

We hope you are happy with these new features, and that they make the process easier for you! Please know we appreciate your feedback – it is what made these features a reality – and hope you continue to give us feedback.

If you are a helper currently working on a request, or if you are a seeker with a request currently in progress, the old system will still apply.

Check out AncestorCloud’s latest features for yourself!


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