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New Product Feature – Home Base for Seekers


We’re happy to announce the release of a new feature on AncestorCloud! Thanks to your patience, feedback, questions, and the hard work of our designers and developers, we have a new starting point for those seeking help with their research.

Something we’ve learned over the past several months is that we want and need to be better at communicating with our users. We love answering your questions, but we’re sure you would prefer not to have some of those questions in the first place! We’re hoping that this new “get help” view makes AncestorCloud easier and clearer to use.

So, how will the new home base make your AncestorCloud life easier? Let’s jump right in – here’s what’s coming:

Post A Request

The button to create a new request is right at the top – you can’t miss it! Once you get to the form for creating a new request, we’ve added an example request that we hope helps you know what to include in your request.

A list of your requests along with their current status 

If you posted a request last Tuesday, you won’t have to wonder what has happened with that request. Next to each request you have posted, you will see its status–whether your request is pending approval, whether someone has submitted a proposal, etc.

Accepting a helper’s proposal

On your new landing page, any proposal that has been submitted will be listed under your request. You’ll be able to click on each proposal to see the details, and then with one more click, you can choose to accept the proposal.

What if no one has submitted a proposal?

With the number of requests on AncestorCloud, sometimes a promising helper may not have seen your request, and perhaps you would like to help move the process of finding a helper along. Next to any request without a proposal, you’ll see a link to “Find helpers.” If you click on this, it will take you to the “Community” section of AncestorCloud. From there, you can search for helpers or use our map feature to locate helpers in the right area to work on your request. Once you find one or more promising helpers, you can send them a message and ask them to submit a proposal.

Other ways to interact with the AncestorCloud community 

AncestorCloud is meant to be a place where you can interact with other genealogists, so you may be interested in what is happening in the rest of the AncestorCloud community. Along the side of your home page you’ll see links to the AncestorCloud blog, as well as to requests that other seekers have posted.

Thanks again for all your patience and feedback. Please keep it coming! We couldn’t make these new features happen without your thoughts and questions.

Give it a try! Also, if you haven’t yet posted a request to the community, there is no better time. Read the success stories happening every week.

– AncestorCloud Team


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