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Two New Product Features



Today we’re excited to announce the completion of two helpful features asked for by our community.

Private Messaging & Request Proposals

First off, we couldn’t be happier with the response and support of the AncestorCloud community, those seeking help with their research, and those helping. We know things have been far from perfect with the experience as we’ve grown and worked to complete our Beta product this summer. You all have been incredibly patient and helpful. So we wanted to say thanks.  

  1. Private Messaging

As we get closer to a great end-to-end experience, one feature was very clear to us(and you) as a need on the site. A simple and effective way to communicate. A messaging tool. We experimented with a ways to relay email back and forth and have finally reached a easy to use solution.

With AncestorCloud messaging you can now send and receive private messages through our site with any member of the community. You can start a conversation by visiting the profile of somebody in the community and clicking the mail icon next to their name. Once the message is sent, you can view the conversation with that individual and all other conversations you have going on in the new conversations view that can be accessed by your profile in the navigation(as long as you’re logged in). And don’t worry, we’ll notify you via email when you get a new message on your site so you don’t have to keep checking back.

It’s now live and you’ve probably received a message from us explaining it so you can see how it works. We’d love to continually improve it so feel free to send us your suggestions anytime.

  1. Request Proposals

This summer has been filled with successful requests. Those posting them have been thrilled with the results, and those helping have really enjoyed the experience of helping others and getting rewarded. However, there are always the rare situations where expectations were not met completely or information wasn’t clear upfront what the outcome would be. We wanted to enable those few edge cases with an additional option in our process.

You can now view the request details and submit a proposal for what you CAN do and HOW you will go about the research help. Not only that but you can propose a new price for which you would be willing to accomplish the research help. Think submitting a bid of what you can do to help and how much you would do it for. This has helped establish a fair reward price for the help and better set the expectations from the beginning on what will be accomplished.

We’re very excited about the results! We’ve already seen an increase in the percentage of requests we can connect with the right help, and happier seekers and helpers at the end of our process.

So… what does this mean? If you’re seeking help, you’ve now got better chances to spend less and get the right results from the helper community. If you’re wanting to help others and be rewarded, you now have the option to set the flexible terms upfront what you CAN do for them and propose the reward price that makes sense for you.

What are you waiting for? Give them all a try:

Get help on your own research, propose help to other’s requests and get rewarded, or message any helper in our community.


-AncestorCloud Team


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